Adjustable Double Finger Midnight and Gold Quartz Crystal Point Ring

Regular price $125.00

These amazing super sparkly one-of-a-kind druzy rings are amazingly comfortable, and make a huge statement!

Quartz crystals have been enhanced with a super sparkly eco-friendly finish in Midnight, and then applied to metal band rings with our signature resin and enamel finish in sparkly gold..

Ring may be able to be recreated if we are sold out, but will vary slightly as no two crystals are the same. Please message with requests to recreate a duplicate if you do not see what you want available.

Gently pull apart finger sections to make bigger, or push together to make smaller. Keep ring set at size you need, as too much pulling and pushing can cause ring to break. Ring will fit roughly 6-9.

All sales final, unless Seel money back guarantee is selected.