Adjustable Double Stone Open Horseshoe Natural Crystal and Swarovski Ring in Blue

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Clear quartz has the ability to enhance mental clarity, so it can help with emotional stability, and it is popular in meditation and restorative work. It's also often used for manifestation and can help create more focus and clarity around a desire. It is a protective stone and can be used to amplify psychic abilities.

Natural Quartz point in purple aura finish and glass dome with blue swarovski crystals sit on 14kt Gold plated open horseshoe band. Finished in our signature resin and enamel finish in sparkly gold.

Fits size 9 or larger by gently opening band. Please be careful, and adjust by opening metal part; stones can break if not handled properly.

Stones measure approximately 3/4" and 1".

Returns accepted with Seel insurance only for 30 days. Please keep dry and handle with care.