Adjustable Double Stone Open Horseshoe Natural Crystal Ring in Gunmetal sz 9 +

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Labradorite has many physical benefits - grab this crystal to relieve arthritis, boost your metabolism and immune system, ease chest infections and cold/flu symptoms. This crystal is also said to regulate hormones, reduce PMS, ease gout and lower blood pressure.

Natural labradorite and amethyst crystal sit on Gunmetal plated open horseshoe band. Labradorite is polished into unique shape and hand plated with gunmetal. Amethyst crystal has been treated with an eco friendly finish that makes it super sparkly and gives it a blue color shifting finish. Both stones are enrobed in our signature resin and enamel finish in sparkly gunmetal.

Fits size 9 or larger by gently opening band. Please be careful, and adjust by opening metal part; stones can break if not handled properly.

Stones measure approximately  1".

Returns accepted with Seel insurance only for 30 days.