Blue Geode Half Iridescent Stone Floral Accent Ring

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Super fun handmade raw blue geode stone ring. Natural Geode Half has been polished, leaving inside exposed crystals in view, and then treated with an eco friendly iridescent finish in blue and halo so that the whole thing sparkles and shines!

Natural geode half sits on natural agate hand carved stone ring, and ring is enrobed in our signature enamel and resin technique in white with an array of colorful flowers. 

Choose size from dropdown. Stone measures approximately 1 1/2" diameter, but may vary in size shape and color from the photos,  as no two are exactly alike.

All sales final unless purchasing Seel Insurance. Please allow 1-4 weeks delivery time, as all items are made to order unless noted as one of a kind.  Please be very careful with the ring, as top and base and natural stone, and can be broken if not handled with care.