Hand Carved Labradorite Lotus Blossom Statement Ring

Regular price $98.00

If you love Statement Jewelry, this piece is for you!

Natural Labradorite stone hand carved into lotus blossom shape sits on a natural purple stone band (you can catch a glimse of the color inside the ring). The ring is then encased in our signature enamel and resin technique, and adorned with gold sparkle finish around the flower and purple floral trim finish on the base. So much fun!

Size 6.5-7

Ring is super sparkly and unique. Only one of its kind.

Please be very careful with this ring, as it is very delicate and can break easily if not cared for properly. Keep dry and away from water , soap, or chemicals.

A real statement, not for the faint of heart. Stone measures approximately 2” x 1 1/4". 

This is the only ring of its kind and will not be duplicated. Custom orders can be requested, but sale codes will not apply, and ring may vary slightly.