"Dinah" Huichol Mexican Tribal Beaded Quartz RIng

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This Clear Quartz and Agate ring is one of our favorite new pieces! From our capsule collection partnering with Mexican Artisans to hand craft unique custom designs. Here, a member of the Huichol Mexican tribe uses seed beads to tell the story of their culture through symbols and color in a truly beautiful piece of wearable art. We have enhanced this work with our unique touches. Only piece of its kind.

Raw Clear Spectrum Quartz sits on agate stone ring, all enhanced with multicolor beads in an exquisite design. Please be very careful with this ring, as it is very delicate and can break easily if not cared for properly. Some beads may fall off, as it is delicate, and can happen. It won't change the integrity of the ring.

Size 7.5.

A real statement, not for the faint of heart. Final sale.

This is the only ring of its kind and will not be duplicated. Custom orders can be requested, but sale codes will not apply.

Please handle with care. Only one like this. Will not be replicated.