I love You Heart Water Crystal Intention Necklace

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Heart Shaped Glass with "I Love You" Intention set with our signature enamel and resin in sparkly gold and back is finished in red floral pattern. Pendant sits on 14kt gold plated brass chain, 18" long with spring ring clasp.

Inspired by Masarau Emoto's Water Crystal Healing, showing the powerful intention of the impact our words have, and the power we can articulate with them!

The crystal formation shown is how water crystalizes when the words "I love you" are spoken to the water as the ice freezes.

Necklace can be worn reversible, front or back.

Pendant measures approximately 1 1/4" and is very lightweight.

Exact pendant may vary from photo as no two are exactly alike, but will be as close as possible to the picture.

Please handle with care; can be broken if not handled properly. 

*Please note, this is not a branded item, but an artist interpretation!