Raw Purple Amethyst Nugget and Orange Amethyst Druzy Horseshoe Ring

Regular price $72.00

This incredible double stone orange amethyst and raw amethyst nugget ring is adorned with our signature enamel and resin in a sparkly rose and yellow gold finish, aqua and black. The orange amethyst has also been hand plated in 14kt gold.

Each stone measures approximately 3/4", and stones sit together as one, Do not adjust, as this could break ring.Size 8.

Playful and fun, and totally unique. Only ring of its kind.

Stones are very fragile, so please be mindful when wearing, as they are delicate, and stone can break if struck. No returns for broken items, but repairs may be made for a fee. Please message us for details.

This is the only ring of its kind and will not be duplicated. Custom orders can be requested. 

Please handle with care, and keep dry at all times to maintain finish and setting of ring.