Raw Quartz and Gold Bumble Bee Open Horseshoe Ring

Regular price $68.00

This incredible Free formed shaped Raw Quartz Druzy cluster ring is is paired with an adorable brass bee sitting on a natural freshwater pearl, and then adorned with our enamel and resin in a glitter gold underside finish. The quartz is amazing in its formation; crystals go in every direction and it reaches an amazing height of 1 1/2". Stones sit on open gunmetal plated brass and enamel open ring, approximately size 9, but can be made larger if needed. A true statement ring. Playful and fun.

This ring is slightly adjustable, but please be careful when opening to not damage ring. Ring should be handled with care, as it is fragile and can break. Quartz is very fragile, so please be mindful when wearing, as it is delicate, and stone can break if struck.

This is the only ring of its kind and will not be duplicated. Custom orders can be requested, but sale codes will not apply. Final Sale.

Please handle with care. Only one like this. Will not be replicated.